Saturday, May 14, 2011

Depression - Hardcore History (1989)

Formed in Melbourne circa 1982 Depression were potentially one of the first hardcore punk bands from down-under. Incorporating influences from Discharge to Black Flag and beyond, they managed to formulate their own hard hitting in your face sound that made them incredibly popular at home and abroad, so much so one of their most popular songs 'What a strange world' featured on the Maximum Rock&Roll compilation: Welcome to 1984 (Recently reissued!) Depression reformed in 2009 with both Spike and Smeer returning along with members of Smeers Rock&Roll band 'Speed Demons' playing gigs sporadically both locally and interstate.

This record was released as a double LP in 89' and features all of Depressions' early material from their Demo tape until the Australia Australia EP in 85 as well as the self titled LP. After Spike (lead singer) left Depression in 86' they went on with guitarist Smeer taking over vocals and heading in a more thrash metal direction. This releases also features a few songs from that period which I'm assuming were from a demo tape but nonetheless are worthy of merit. Enjoy!

Download here

1. Monetary Gain
2. I wanna be insane
3. Why do people hate us

Money Chain 7":
04. Soldiers Never Cry
05. World Leaders
06. Money Chain

Depression LP:
07. Pilled Out
08. Man Death Destruction
09. Big Business
10. MX Warhead
11. Breath of Death
12. They Wouldn't
13. What a Strange World
14. When You're Young
15. Their War, Your Death
16. Religion
17. I'm So Bored
18. More of Us, Less of Them
19. Universal Product Code
20. Work All Day
21. Grown Up Strange
22. Time Freeze
23. School Kids
24. I Hate Yobbos
25. Night Moves/Countdown Sound
26. Big Chief
27. Brainless Conformist
28. Noise

Australia Australia EP:
29. Australia, Australia
30. Social Tension
31. TV Lies
32. The Plan
33. The Box
34. Eternal Genocide
35. Dirty Fucken USA
36. Copper Chopper
37. This Side Up

Demo (Smeer on Vocals):
38. Civilization of Destruction
39. Money
40. Children of Doom
41. Endless Armies
42. Wasted Dreams


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